Who says a white boy can’t play the blues?
Master of his own destiny, nothing will stop Aiden from doing what he wants.
But the music industry is a hard place that will love you one minute and hate you the next.
Can he withstand the pressure or will the industry force him into the life he’s been trying to escape?

“Wow….. Untitled has to be one of the best reads I’ve had for ages! I love the way the story twisted & turned and evolved. I didn’t want it to end!”
Angela McNeil
Change of Heart
Fame, fortune and love; that’s what most women want.
Two out of three isn’t bad but it’s not enough for Asia Pierce.
With three men vying for her heart, will she ever find her one true love?

“Change of Heart is chock full of swoon worthy men, heated sexual tension, steamy sex, and DRAMA. It’s an emotional roller coaster in a good way!”
Diamond Williams,Reading is My Cheap Addiction

A Hustler’s Promise
Money is the root of all evil
Or so they say…
Two street hustlers, bound together by a simple promise, have to make a choice…
The Streets Are Calling.

“A strong male character in Rayshawn and an even stronger female character in Jaicyn makes this story compelling and edgy.” – Cheryl Hough, Reviewer

A Hustler’s Promise 2

The drug game is a dangerous business and success doesn't last forever
Two street hustlers made a choice, now they have to pay the price
They're ready to face whatever the streets bring them...
As long as they have each other

"I smiled, cried, and held my breath. I love how we watch the characters grow and mature." - Ty, Amazon Reviewer

Coming Soon:

Unsung: Sunny’s Song


Back in One Piece

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