Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops: A simple thank you goes a long way

Welcome to Blog Tour de Troops. Yesterday was Day 1 of this incredible blog hop and I'm so glad to have you here on Day 2.

You should have joined me from Lacey Weatherford's Blog. I hope you enjoyed that stop and left a comment.  I'm sure you'll enjoy The Dark Rising.  I surely did.  After here, the next stop on the tour will be at Augusto Pinaud's blog.

If you're new here, WELCOME!  If this isn't your first time on my blog...check it out, I re-decorated.  Had to after the last party.

Today isn't about a party.  Well, in a way it is.  It's certainly a celebration.

Twice a year Americans are given the oppurtunity to say thank you to our Troops; Veteran's Day and Memorial.  Actually, for what they do for us, I think every day should be Veteran's Day and Memorial Day,

I  don't have an extraordinary story about what made me appreciate our men and women in the Armed Forces.  No one had to teach me to be thankful and appreciative of our troops.  I always say "our" because they are protecting our country and our freedoms.  And if we are truly "one nation under God" then they are ours collectively.

There was a scene in "Catch Me If You Can" where a little girl saw Leo DiCaprio in his pilot uniform and was awestruck.  "Are you a real live pilot?" she asked him with reverance and admiration in her voice.

Whenever I saw and now see a uniformed man or woman, I feel just like that little girl.

MSGT Jason Wynn, USAF

Staff Sergeant Aundria Lawson, USAF

I'm so proud of my sister and my cousin.  They have spent a large part of their lives putting their life on the line for me and everyone that I know.  A simple thank you is the least that any of us do.

Recently, I was picking a friend up from the airport and I had the priviledge of standing right next to the USO stand.   As each returning troop would come up the elevator, they were greeted by a round of applause and one of the volunteers would personally greet and thank them for their service and help them to their next destination, whether it was a connecting flight or meeting family at baggage claim.

From the genuine look of surprise which quickly turned into a small smile, each troop could feel the love and appreciation radiating from the small crowd.  It was a touching moment and I couldn't stop the tears from falling.  I didn't know any of the troops that were making their way through the Atlanta Airport but that did not matter.  They had made a choice to serve their country and protect our rights and freedoms.  Any and everything that we can do to for them is very much needed.

That's why I love HeroBox!

HeroBox is a non-profit organization that supports deployed American service members by providing the physical items and moral support our heroes need while they are away from home. I've been participating HeroBox for three years.  Check it out.

I'm honored to be able to participate in Blog Tour de Troops as an author this time.  Many may find it hard to believe that a deployed solider's most requested item is a book, but from participating in Hero Box, I've learned that soldiers want the very same things we want.  Just a few months ago, I filled my HeroBox with Skittles, Starburst, an iPod, and Madlibs.  My soldier was pretty happy.  He drew lots of smiling faces on his thank you letter.

That's why I'm thrilled to give a free copy of Untitled  to any solider that wants one.  Leave a comment and for each comment that this post gets, I'll be giving away copies of my books to the commenter and to a solider.  All you have to do is answer this question...

If you saw a solider walking down the street, what's the first thing you'd say to them?

Please don't forget to leave your email address in your comment so I can send you the book.  Also, feel FREE to check out what some of my review sponsors have said about Untitled.  I really appreicate them for taking the time to post such AWESOME reviews!

Reading is My Cheap Addiction

My Quarter Life Crisis

Taylor Lee Writes

All Things Book Blog

Paper Mustang

To show our appreciation, the Indie Book Collective is also giving away Kindles to some very lucky troops.  If you know of a particular active duty or veteran service member who'd like a free e-book, simply leave their name in your comment and we'll make sure they get it.

If you'd like to donate money toward those Kindles for our soldiers, simply use Paypal and as the address to send money to. Please note on your payment that it's a Troops donation.

Finally, when you see a Veteran or active duty service member walking along, just say thanks.  A simple thank you goes a really long way.


  1. I like to smile and wave and say thank you! They sacrifice so much for the rest of us at home :) and thank you!!

  2. My father was born on veterens day and I lost him 13 years ago so this day has always held twice the meaning for me. I want to thank the troops for their dedication including my cousin Danny and dear friend Yves and also tell my father I love him and miss him dearly.

  3. I make it a point to offer a "thank you, Sir/Ma'am" and offer a handshake and/or hug. It is my hope that everyone would at least say thank you". No one ever gets tired of hearing gratitude.

  4. I would say thank you to both the soldier & his/her family. It may seem small, but every person likes to know that what they do or say matters.

    Wolphcall (at) bellsouth (dot) net

  5. I would thank him or her for the sacrifices they have made. I have seen troops come home, too, and I can't stop the tears. I have a nephew in Iraq; I know he would love books from home, so this is such a good thing you are doing. My email is lapidaryprose (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Previous comment is mine! Elizabeth Anne Mitchell. Blogger hates me

  7. I always smile and say thnk you for your service. Thank you for participating in this unique blog hop