Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've written 3 books.  Not a big number but it's definitely a good start to builiding my virtual backlist.

I've been active on Twitter for awhile and on Facebook, my social media platform is expanding which I hear is basically the key to Indie success.

This is where I struggle the most.

I know the basic rules of self promotion:

1) Don't spam your followers with nothing but promo posts/tweets

2) Promote onto others as you would like done to you

3) Be entertaining and educational in tweets/posts.

But how much is really too much to talk about your book?  I've had people tell me that I don't talk about them enough but when I tweet about it more than a couple times a week, I start to feel self-conscious.

Of course I'm thrilled as hell that A Hustler's Promise is sitting at the top of 2 bestseller charts on Amazon and Change of Heart has joined the rankings.  But how many times can I say that without my followers thinking "here she goes again.  I wish she'd stop bragging."?

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