Monday, May 21, 2012

Write What You Want To Write

“I’m the kinda guy, I’m always gonna need new colors to paint with. And it makes it difficult on, I think like a emotional or whatever— like commercial side, because you’re not really quite sure what another of my records is gonna sound like, so it’s kinda like starting over again with an artist. It’s not like you can just put the next record out by me and people go ‘Oh, that’s Mayer, cool.’ I like being sort of the author of many different types of books, but the tone of my writing is kind of the fingerprint.”

John Mayer recently said this when speaking of his upcoming album, Born and Raised,  When I read this, I was thinking about book genres and typecasting.

The success of A Hustler's Promise (1 and 2) really got me thinking about my writing and what genre I want to stick to in order to acheive the type of success and have the type of career that I've dreamed of.  I've got my foot in the door...

Now what.

In reality, I can write just about anything.  Whether it's good or not remains to be seen.  I want to write contemporary romantic fiction with a real life aspect to it.  I want to write relatable characters and focus on the experiences that many of us go through every day.

I want to write romance...but I'm not talking about "Roman Candle Fireworks, Hollywood, Hot Pink Love.  I'm talking about "I GOT YOUR BACK LOVE"

I like to believe that all my books carry that element, that underlying element that makes women think that I can have a Jay, a Corey, or Rayshawn because THEY DO EXIST.

Face matter how plain and ordinary Anastasia Steele is, we all aren't stumbling upon Christian Grey.

But can we take a minute and swoon over him. *swoon*

That's one of the reasons I can't honestly say if there will be an A Hustler's Promise 3.  I may have to go with my gut on this.  I think the story ended exactly where it needed and I don't want to be just an urban fiction author, not when I can write all different types of romance books.  I'll stay away from historical...believe me, you don't want to read the crap that I came up with.

But my contemporary fiction/romance.  Maybe I'll stamp my name on a thriller or two, a romantic suspense, and maybe even a little erotica.  I just don't want people to say, "oh, that's another Jackie Chanel book.  I know how she writes."  I want people to think "what's she gonna do next" because I believe that's how you keep the reader interested.  And if my readers are anything me, sequels and follow up books get boring really fast.

Having said that, there will be a follow up book to Untitled, basically because I wrote Untitled knowing that I wanted to follow it up with a book that focused on Sunny.  In essence, Untitled is unfinished.

And maybe, Jay and Asia from Change of Heart will make an appearance in Back in One Piece but the purpose of purpose of writing is to always introduce new characters, new plots, new ideas.  There are many different colors to paint with and I'm just getting started.

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